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Micro needling and Nano needling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a needling machine to create continuous, controlled punctures into specific layers of your skin. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body’s natural healing process which in turn produces new collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. We incorporate serums into every treatment that contain lab-grade actives like epidermal growth factors and hayuronic acid. Micro needling services induce skin cell turnover, increases serum infusion, increases blood supply and naturally reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.
Micro needling can help improve skin tone and texture, firmness as well as reducing scars, pore size, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and signs of aging, hair loss, acne, and other cosmetic concerns. In addition to the above benefits, Micro needling can increase the skin’s ability to utilize serums and nutrients by up to 3,000%. Using this technique semi-regularly will trigger the bodies repair process until the desired level of skin rejuvenation is achieved. A series of 3 treatments is recommended for best results. Schedule a consultation with your practitioner for a treatment plan and custom serum to meet your skin’s individual needs.

Nano needling on the other hand works a little different. It does use the same type of oscillating motion to treat the skin, but the needling is used to separate the cells within the epidermis to allow active products to be pushed into the skin. Nano needling only affects the epidermis, treating the upper .15 mm of the skin. The benefits of this treatment are increased serum infusion, pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and an immediate glow with no downtime. This treatment can be done weekly to exfoliate the skin. Nano needling can increase the skin’s ability to absorb serums up to 98%. Talk with a practitioner about custom serums to meet your skin’s individual needs.

Micro needling/Nano needling- $150 per treatment.

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science: the Micro/Nano needling machine was designed from a Traditional Chinese needle called the plum blossom or seven-star needle. As a Licensed Acupuncturist, we will also be able to use this tool for medical reasons such as post-surgical scars, c-section scars, achilles tendon pain, tendon repair, disorders of the nervous system, paralysis, various skin diseases, headache, painful joints, febrile disease, gastrointestinal disease, and gynecological disorders.

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