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1930 S. Dobson Rd Mesa, AZ 85202

Private Room Acupuncture

Private Room Acupuncture

Do you suffer from chronic health issues? Are you looking for more time and attention with your practitioner? Do you want a more private experience? Private room acupuncture allows our acupuncturists the full-range of Chinese Medicine- including the ability to treat the back and stomach. We also have the ability to utilize additional healing tools such as- cupping, moxa, and tui na based on your condition. Private room acupuncture is recommended if you have a chronic health issues, fertility concerns, or are looking for a more private and intensive treatment. At Zen Lab Acupuncture we have 2 private treatments rooms- The Dragon Room and the Buddha Room. The Dragon Room is recommended for anyone experiencing any trauma, toxic stress, or is in need of a mind/body reset. Dragon’s help you to connect with your inner power and strength. The Buddha Room is recommended for those seeking wisdom, peace, and guidance.

Initial Treatment-  (can be applied to Membership or Package)
Zen Membership-  (4 treatments per month)
Zen Membership- (12 treatments per month)
Facial/cosmetic Rejuvenation
Celluma Light Therapy

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